I have been a professional landscape photographer for a long time. My special passion is for nature & cityscapes in both abstract and classic forms. I love to capture fleeting and lyrical qualities presented by the many rich forms inherent in the Scottish landscape.



I started out with a manual Nikkormat camera travelling abroad in the 80’s. Almost it seemed that after just a few mesmerising moments,  I became hooked. Something shifted & I realised the difference between snapping and making a picture. Early days were heady and obsessive, it was so important to get the composition and the moment right that failure caused suffering, so learning came quickly. I realised that "seeing" was the name of the game, technical skill developed from necessity. I loved encounter and the challenge to be ready to zero in on the moment.

I was travelling and working in Libya & S.E Asia in particular Vietnam but returned to the North Sea and divided my time between oilfield engineering and landscape photography. I shot oil rig life from the inside culminating in my first book “On The Rigs” co - authored by Caithness poet & playright  George Gunn. Since then I have been exploring Scotland at large. During this time many regional and thematic titles were added to a range of postcards, calendars books and multimedia products.

In early 2010 the "Lyrical Scotland” publishing business I had built up over 15 years was acquired by a third party. I continue to produce an annual collection of calendar and postcard images for this market

I love my job, it is my mistress, and a way of life.