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I started out with a manual Nikkormat camera travelling abroad in 80’s and very quickly I became hooked. There were just a few mesmerising moments when I realised the difference between snapping and making a picture, it was a profound experience, something moved inside!. These early days were a heady mix of excitement and pain, it became an obsession. So important was it to get both the composition and the moment right that failure caused suffering and so I learned quickly. I realised early that "seeing" was the name of the game, technical skill developed from necessity. I loved encounter and the challenge to be ready to zero in on the moment.

I was travelling and working in S.E Asia in particular Vietnam. The country was traumatised by war, chaotic and poor but populated by the loveliest people. I was absorbed with the politics and had first hand experience of “boat people” in their desperate state that came by the oil rig I was working on and I was fortunate to have time and resource to explore my passion. I returned to Scotland and the North Sea and divided my time between oil rigs and landscape photography. I photographed oil rig life from the inside culminating in my first book “On The Rigs” in collaboration with writer George Gunn . By 1986 I had quit the Oil Business and launched a range of postcards of Galloway, my home region. One day I had a spare room full of postcards and a print bill, the next day I was out on the road generating a market for my work. Calendars and other products followed. The next few years were spent exploring Scotland at large. Many new regional and thematic titles were added to the range along with an series of landscape books and multi-media products.

In early 2010 the "Lyrical Scotland” publishing business I had built up over 15 years was acquired by Lomond Books. I currently provide calendar, postcard and book images for their extended range of published material, whilst being free to pursue other freelance opportunities. Being a landscape photographer can be the best job in the world, on a good day when the light is strong and the land is in full song, there is nothing can touch it.