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Dumfries Observatory in snow,Threave Castle and River Dee with reeds, GallowayGatehouse  of Fleet looking to Fleet Bay, GallowayThe ancient earthworks of the Motte of Urr, Haugh of Urr, CastleSweetheart Abbey and Criffell in early morning spring light, NewDry Stone Dyke in snow on Benyellary, descent of Merrick, GallowCaerlaverock Castle, Dumfries, from rearMagnolia blooms, Logan Botanic Garden, Rhinns of GallowayPort Logan Bay with wild flowers and sand dunes, Rhinns of GalloLoch Ken near Crossmichael looking to BalmaghieSunset at Powfoot looking to Criffell Hill with Salmon Stake netThe Gavin Maxwell Memorial bronze otter at Monreith Bay, MacharsThreave Gardens Visitor Centre NTS in snow, GallowayThreave Gardens NTS by  walled garden with Daisies and Begonias,Canon by harbour with daffodils, Kirkcudbright, GallowayBruces Stone, Glen Trool, square view, WigtownshireCairnholy lower stones, Carsluith. WigtownshireSt Ninians Chapel Beach, Isle of WhithornWhithorn Priory gateway and entrance, Whithorn, Machars of GalloWhithorn Priory and gravestone - Whithorn - Galloway Machars