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Photographic Workshops


Courses can be designed for all levels of ability.

The group size is limited to 4 people, ensuring that I can maximise personal attention.




My professional experience

I have been a professional photographer for 30 years, in this time acquiring in depth knowledge of the art of landscape photography in both Galloway and Scotland at large. I am passionate about the craft love to share this with clients.






The surrounding landscape

Courses are delivered in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. We are fortunate in Galloway to have a stunning pastoral landscape of rivers, trees, fields, rolling hills, forests and rugged mountains. This area offers a rich and varied habitat in which to explore and learn new ways of seeing and photographing Scotland’s natural beauty.

Outdoors the workshops will be based in specially chosen locations in the countryside with the latter part of the day spent reviewing the day’s images and demonstrating digital image processing on the computer.

If, as occasionally happens the weather is unfriendly, we may be forced to alter schedules and may have return to base early and concentrate on computer based skills, theory and discussion. The style is informal and generally good fun. Transportation and light refreshments are provided.

For those requiring B & B or hotel accomodation this can be arranged very close by. Normal sessions run from 9.00am through until 5.00pm




One to One sessions

One to one sessions are available for those who prefer all of my attention. These sessions will make possible greater understanding of the client’s abilities and more easily take their craft forward in specific detail.

Priced at £295 per day they are inclusive of refreshments and transportation. Options for more or less time with computer based skills will be available. Dates and particular areas of interest are flexible – please enquire.

The great advantage of one to one, apart from the obvious, is that it is easier to choose a day with a good chance of nice light, the all important ingredient, couples or friends may find this an enjoyable way to spend a a day outdoors.

One day workshops

        9.00 am – 5.00 pm

        Cost £95 per person - Please see our online booking for available dates




Participants are recommended to have in their possession a reasonably well specified camera. The camera should have the option of manual controls and preferably have a RAW format option. A modern digital SLR or well featured rangefinder or bridge camera is ideal for these courses. Tripod is useful and recommended though not not compulsory,  part of the course is learning how to shoot effectively without one.





In general a moderate level of fitness is advised but I am keen to match the physical abilities group participants and so if you are only able to manage a very gentle regime please let me know and will tailor the course to suit.  On the enquiry form there is an option for those who are interested in combining a bit of proper hill-walking and so we can perhaps arrange a special workshop in response to any demand arising for such an option.

Payment of fees

Booking requires a non-returnable deposit of £20 for the one day workshops this is payable by PayPal on line or Credit Card over the phone or by cheque, balance should be paid 7 days prior to workshop start date.


We provide coffee, tea, soft drinks, snacks on location but please bring your own sandwiches.

Course content and skills levels

Attention is placed upon the “art of seeing” as much as camera handling and controls.  I will demonstrate just how much the secret of obtaining resonant and memorable images is in developing the ability to observe and read a landscape and work on enabling the client to find their own “creative eye”.  In practice defining the core subject and eliminating all the rest. I show how to anticipate opportunities and be more competent with issues of exposure in trickier light. Landscape photography is an exciting and often emotional affair but there are a few guidelines to getting better results and a more exhilarating experience.     

Processing and editing the digital image has huge creative possibilities and clients will get a “hands on” experience with Photoshop and Lightroom. File handling and workflow are included. RAW file processes are an outstanding way to maximise the potential of an image. Clients round-off their experience by producing an A3 print of their choice from one of their own images to take home.


Booking enquiries - please answer the following questions;



Phone number


Preferred dates

Level of ability - rough description 1, 2 or 3

1) Beginner with ideas and interest and occasional lucky good shot but lack method and understanding.

2) Beginner with a bit of experience & some clear idea of how things work but having occasional problems solving issues, understands there is a  challenge involved in getting it right.

3) More intermediate - has some established skills and able to be inspired and selective in approaching the subject – has basic technical skills that are fairly second nature but wants to move up to a more advanced level by improve quality of images and finishing techniques.

Fitness level 1, 2 or 3

1) Very moderate only  

2) Willing to tackle small hills

3) Interested in full day on hills

Camera type

State make and model

Any other relevant information on photographic ability or interests please advise here.

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